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Vocational Qualifications development services

Vocational Qualification Development Services

Accreditation processes can be time consuming and expensive. The AlphaPlus team have significant experience in this area, and we have been able to help AOs streamline the process.

We offer services for two key stages in the accreditation process:

1. Services pre-accreditation

2. Services during accreditation

 Our services are outlined below.

Vocational qualification framework, unit and assessment development

Stage:  Pre-accreditation

Description:  AlphaPlus supports you through the early steps associated with the development of a new qualification family, deciding on key features such as structure, assessment approach, articulations with other qualifications (e.g. unit-based approaches), etc. We can then help with qualification and unit/component drafting, assessment specification, and the development of scoring and grading structures.

Our development service is also supported by extensive training and workshop activities which can be designed to work alongside the development work, providing capacity development and handover to your team.

Achieving accreditation

Stage:  Accreditation

Description:  AlphaPlus supports AOs in managing and operating the accreditation submission process in one or more qualifications at one or more levels.

This typically includes:

  • producing all materials for accreditation submission, including qualification specifications, units, assessment specifications, test papers (where appropriate), mark schemes, test paper specifications, exemplars, and support/pre-release materials, whilst working closely with the awarding organisation qualification and assessment development team
  • responding to Ofqual accreditation feedback, modifying qualification specifications and test papers etc. as required to achieve accreditation.

Accreditation support

Stage:  Accreditation

Description:  AlphaPlus will review the accreditation materials the awarding organisation produces as required throughout the accreditation process.

This will include:

  • reviewing all materials for accreditation submission, including test papers, mark schemes, paper specifications, images / data files, exemplars, support and pre-release materials, and the awarding organisation Functional Skills assessment specification prior to submission
  • reviewing Ofqual accreditation feedback, providing guidance to the awarding organisation on how to modify test papers etc. as required to achieve accreditation
  • providing guidance to the awarding organisation on where and how to manage inconsistent or contradictory Ofqual requirements, where necessary.

Typical package:  One subject at two levels (Level 1 and Level 2) - total cost approx. £4,000.


For more information about our Vocational Qualification Development service, please contact Giilian Whitehouse:

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