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Vocational qualification development

Level:  Advanced

Duration: 12 hours over two days

Description:  To create fit-for-purpose, reliable and cost effective qualifications, awarding organisations need to be fully aware of the range of options open to them and the techniques used to build in quality.

This session is designed for awarding organisations that are in the process of developing or redeveloping their qualification framework or discrete qualifications.

Topics covered:

  • writing good quality learning outcomes
  • writing good quality assessment criteria
  • writing good quality units
  • developing a qualification structure
  • compare and contrast different types of vocational qualifications
  • compare and contrast different types of assessments
  • matching assessment type to assessment purpose
  • role of national occupation and skills standards

Typical Day One Task – developing a new qualification framework or structure for your awarding organisation including definition of fit for purpose assessments to support the framework.

Typical Day Two Task – develop learning outcomes, assessment criteria for some of the new qualification units.


For more information about our AO training service, please contact Giilian Whitehouse:

Email Gillian

Phone: 07881 361718

Sample training materials

We recognise that many of our courses deal with complex topics which can take time to understand. All our delegates receive a complete training pack comprising the materials covered, a handbook covering the subject, copies of the exercises, and a targeted reading list for further study.

We've uploaded some of our training materials for you to view. Please click on the link below to access a zip file of these PDFs:

  • Vocational qualification development guidance
  • Vocational qualification development presentation
  • Vocational qualification development reading list

Download sample training materials