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History of and current developments in vocational qualifications

Level:  Introductory

Duration:  4 hours

Description:  Can’t tell your NVQs from your QCF? Unsure what competence is and why everyone in vocational qualifications (VQs) gets so worked up about it?

This session helps you get beyond the acronyms, buzzwords and jargon. It looks back to key developments in the VQ system and explains why they came about – the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, both in the UK and internationally. It also critically evaluates current policy initiatives, providing insight for professionals in this fast-changing area. This programme has proved effective as induction for new staff joining an awarding organisation. 

Topics covered:

  • how vocational qualifications differ from academic qualifications
  • the anatomy of vocational qualifications
  • different types of vocational qualifications
  • role of NOSS
  • competency based education and training
  • international comparisons of vocational education and training systems
  • the impact of vocational qualifications and current policy
  • the vocational assessment tool box.

Typical Task – consideration of how current policy will impact on your vocational qualifications.


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Sample training materials

We recognise that many of our courses deal with complex topics which can take time to understand. All our delegates receive a complete training pack comprising the materials covered, a handbook covering the subject, copies of the exercises, and a targeted reading list for further study.

We've uploaded some of our training materials for you to view. Please click on the link below to access a zip file of these PDFs:

  • Vocational qualification development guidance
  • Vocational qualification development presentation
  • Vocational qualification development reading list

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