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Writing effective multiple-choice questions

Level: Advanced

Duration:  5 hours

Description:  Notoriously, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are easy to write, but difficult to write well. This programme will help you ensure that they are not the weak link in your assessments.

This session looks at what MCQs can and can’t assess (how they don’t have to lead to ‘dumbed-down assessment’), provides practical guidelines for writing MCQs and managing teams of MCQ writers. It also provides practical approaches to evaluating and editing draft MCQs.

Topics covered:

  • MCQ test construction
  • cloning
  • analysis of MCQ tests via test scores
  • appropriateness of pass mark
  • reliability of scoring
  • complex mark schemes
  • question type and demand
  • classifying items
  • training item writers
  • managing content in on-screen software

Typical Task – creating a test specification for a MCQ test for your own qualification.


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Sample training materials

We recognise that many of our courses deal with complex topics which can take time to understand. All our delegates receive a complete training pack comprising the materials covered, a handbook covering the subject, copies of the exercises, and a targeted reading list for further study.

We've uploaded some of our training materials for you to view. Please click on the link below to access a zip file of these PDFs:

  • Vocational qualification development guidance
  • Vocational qualification development presentation
  • Vocational qualification development reading list

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