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Electronic (e-)assessment

Level:  Introductory

Duration:  4 hours

Description:  This session looks at what e-assessment can do for an assessment organisation, based on an up-to-date view of the breadth of e-assessment approaches including on-screen testing and a wide variety of other technology-enabled assessments.

It covers the opportunities that are available to organisations, such as: more efficient management and presentation of material, more readily available data, the potential for richer items types and for closer integration between assessment and learning. However, this session will also look at how to overcome challenges of designing and implementing e-assessment in practice. These include: perceptions of ‘dumbed down’ assessment, selecting and working with platform providers, approaches to managing IT (including for teams who haven’t previously managed IT services) dealing with inclusion and accessibility, and introducing innovations to people in educational settings. 

Topics covered:

  • types of onscreen tests i.e. multiple choice testing, sophisticated tasks, on-screen essays, collection of oral evidence, electronic assessment distribution
  • computer adaptive testing
  • anchor items, pre testing
  • accessibility
  • item banking
  • on-demand testing
  • various types of e-portfolio
  • low volume marking
  • secure exam delivery by pdf
  • e-assessment, statistics and compliance

Typical Task – consideration of how e-assessment can be incorporated into your qualification assessment and delivery structure.


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Sample training materials

We recognise that many of our courses deal with complex topics which can take time to understand. All our delegates receive a complete training pack comprising the materials covered, a handbook covering the subject, copies of the exercises, and a targeted reading list for further study.

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  • Vocational qualification development guidance
  • Vocational qualification development presentation
  • Vocational qualification development reading list

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