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Awarding organisation staff recruitment service

AO staff recruitment - features and benefits


Features of our service

  • Production of job description and person specification
  • Drafting and placing advertisements
  • Processing applications
  • Shortlisting
  • Undertaking initial interviews
  • Obtaining references
  • Question setting and preparation of other selection processes
  • Attending/chairing interview panels
  • Handling communications with applicants
  • Organising and developing induction programme
  • Delivering HR and health and safety components of induction programme


Benefits of the service

  • The service is delivered by key members of the AlphaPlus team who have both expertise as recruiters and senior awarding organisation experience – we understand your requirements, and the particular features of employers in qualifications and assessment markets.
  • We are consistent, fair and equitable in our treatment of all applicants. High standards of customer service are embedded in all elements of our service delivery.
  • We only charge for our service when employment is offered – we share the risk with you.
  • We provide optional support to new post holders through induction to maximise retention and the speed of onboarding.
  • We provide high quality and timely feedback to unsuccessful applicants.


Job Listing Service

A straightforward job listing and matching service is available for those organisations who do not require the further elements of the consultancy service but who are seeking to maximise the exposure of advertisements for AO vacancies by promoting them on a dedicated professional site.

The service comprises

  • a job listing linked through to a full page advertisement
  • your vacancy listed until its closing date
  • reinstatement of the listing after this time on request if the advertised post is not filled
  • link to your site for further information and application procedure
  • job-matching service from AlphaPlus’ own database of experts interested in the latest AO positions
  • LinkedIn search
  • promotion through Twitter

To use this service contact Kath Fanning, Senior Consultant,

Email, or telephone 01524 482222


For more information about our AO Staff Recruitment services, please contact Kath Fanning

Email recruitment services team

Phone: 01524 482222

Mobile: 07895 152752