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SecurePDF services

How SecurePDF works


How does it work for awarding organisations?

The process is simple – we’ve designed it in conjunction with awarding body staff to avoid unnecessary complexity and to focus on making repetitive tasks easier. The steps are:

  1. Upload Exam Packs to the system. An Exam Pack contains all the documents you require the centre to download in advance of the examination.
  2. Create Examination Windows. An Examination Window specifies when an Exam Pack becomes available for download, and when the download window closes.
  3. Allocate the Examination Window to one or more centres. It can be specific to a subset of centres or available to all centres.
  4. Notify the centres' SecurePDF contacts by email to let them know about their upcoming Examination Windows.
  5. Monitor the centres downloading documents. SecurePDF makes it easy to spot centres which haven’t downloaded their Exam Packs, as the download window approaches its end date.


How does it work for centres?

  1. Centres receive personal login details for their administrative staff.
  2. Centres receive notifications of Examination Windows by email.
  3. Centres download encrypted Exam Packs when available. The downloaded files are encrypted, password protected and watermarked with their centre name.
  4. The centre administrator receives the Exam Pack password via an automated email from SecurePDF.
  5. The centre administrator prints the Exam Packs for their candidates. Each document is watermarked with their identification to discourage security breaches such as photocopying the paper.


The SecurePDF service

  1. The service is provided as a cloud-based software-as-a-service. We maintain the servers and provide you with a Service Level Agreement detailing availability and quality of service.
  2. We provide a telephone and email service to answer helpdesk queries promptly - we recognise that our users rely on SecurePDF for time-critical activities.
  3. The service includes all functionality upgrades. The service also includes any required updates to SecurePDF (for example, to ensure that SecurePDF functions correctly with newly released internet browsers).
  4. Pricing is by annual subscription based on the number of tests you plan to deliver - see the Pricing page for details.

Arrange a demo

If you feel that SecurePDF may be of benefit to your organisation and you would like more information or even a live demonstration of the system, please contact Gillian Whitehouse

Email Gillian

Phone: 07881361718