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Portfolio and work-based assessments

Portfolio and work-based assessments

We support certification agencies in managing evidence-based assessments – portfolios, witness evidence, on-the-job assessment and practical examinations.

We support vocational and professional awarding and certification bodies in designing and delivering effective workplace assessment systems.  We have:

  1. world-leading expertise in the effective use of e-portfolios for educational assessment
  2. experience in designing practical assessment systems for on-the-job training including effective processes for witness evidence gathering, verbal assessment, portfolio creation and management of internal and external verification processes

We help certification agencies and their customers: employers and employees, get the best out of workplace learning and on-the-job assessment.  We design assessment protocols, advise on the best use of technology to support assessment and verification, and provide support to certification agency staff and quality assurance teams to help optimise the verification processes.

Example projects

Client: Various AOs, government agencies
We have supported the assessment of English, mathematics and other basic skills such as IT, team work and creativity in a variety of workplace settings.

Client: Various AOs, JISC, BIS, LTScotland    
Project: Advice on e-portfolios

We have provided strategic advice to governments, regulators and certification agencies on the use of e-portfolios in assessing workplace learning.

Client: Saudi Arabia    
Project: Workplace assessment

Working with City & Guilds, we are developing workplace assessments for a number of vocational programmes in Saudi Arabia.

Client: LLUK     
Project: Guidance on teacher qualifications

We developed guidance and support materials for the new qualifications for learning professionals in the adult learning and FE sector (internal and external quality assurance).

The Qualification design and development team

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