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Assessment Quality Improvement service


Practical arrangements for AQI service delivery

Question: Can your services be tailored for our needs?

Answer:  These services are not limited to a fixed menu. Most of our services are customised according to the specific requirements of an awarding organisation. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Question: How much do your services cost?

Answer:  Service costs vary dependant on the nature and scope of the analysis and associated AO support work, the number of days to deliver the service, the AlphaPlus staff required, the quantity of data to be analysed, and the systems already in place or to be developed (for example, for obtaining data from the AO’s IT systems).

An initial ‘starter service - £3,000 - £5,000. Such as a simple analysis of a single test, or an overview of an AO’s assessments with recommendations for the types of analysis that could be reasonably achieved.

Intermediate level service - £5,000 - £20,000. Such as an analysis of a suite of qualifications, or a range of analyses on one or more high-stakes, prominent, complex assessments (e.g. checking that questions, markers, were reliable and making sure that a standard had stayed the same from one year to the next).

More comprehensive service - £20,000 +. Either looking across an AO’s entire portfolio of qualifications, or an ongoing support service for a period of time (six months, a year, etc.) 

Please contact us for a quotation for a particular programme – our proposal will provide a clear statement of the work to be undertaken and the work required for each aspect of the programme.


Question: Who will deliver these services?

Answer:  The analysis services are delivered by Tom Mitchell, Gavin Reynaud and Andrew Boyle, and AlphaPlus specialist associates. Please see our Team page for information about these staff.


For more information about our AO AQI services, please contact Giilian Whitehouse:

Email Gillian

Phone: 07881 361718